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Billing and coding professional services

Medetec has all the tools necessary to help you with patient billing.

Our experienced Billers and Certified Professional Coders work relentlessly to get your claims paid. We work together with your practice to bill the insurance companies and patients quickly and effectively. Each month we provide your practice with management reports so that you can easily keep track of our progress and collection efforts.

Medetec relieves you of the burden of insurance and patient billing, allowing you and your staff more time to provide quality care to your patients. Our comprehensive services are designed to maximize your profit while minimizing your costs. We handle all the hassles of dealing with the insurance companies to maximize your reimbursements.


Our professional services include:

Coding Review

We review the coding and the notes on all claims to ensure that you are appropriately reimbursed.

Our staff will share our coding knowledge with your providers so that they can code more effectively.

We stay on top of all procedural and coding changes.

We maintain our coding certifications by taking refresher courses.


Charge Entry

We update all patient demographic and insurance information. After the coding on claims have been reviewed and confirmed the charges are entered into our billing system and submitted electronically daily.

Electronic Claim Submission

Insurance claims are submitted electronically daily. The system scrubs claims prior to submission and are scrubbed again at the insurance companies and clearing houses. Any claims that are rejected are returned for immediate correction by our staff and then re-submitted. We receive an immediate claim acceptance and receipt for tracking, so there are no more lost claims and no more denials for untimely submission.


Payment Posting

The EOBs are reviewed and payments are posted to the system daily. Write offs, coinsurance and deductibles are allocated appropriately, and we bill patients upon EOB posting.

Patient Billing

We handle all patient billing and collections. Patients communicate with us directly regarding all billing issues.

Patient statements are generated weekly on a 30 day cycle. This creates a continuous flow of revenue.

Patients send payments directly to your practice, they do not send payments to us.

Our direct phone number appears on the statement so that patients call Medetec Consulting Services with their billing questions and concerns – no more time consuming phone calls for your practice.

We provide your patients with the best possible customer service to answer their questions, interpret their EOBs, and work with their insurance companies to get their claims resolved.

Denied Claim Management

We are experts at appealing and collecting denied claims. We know each insurance company’s appeal process and know how to effectively appeal denials to get your claims paid.

A/R Follow-Up

Claims are followed up systematically and quickly. We aggressively pursue your claims for maximum insurance reimbursement. EOBs and claims are assessed, prioritized and handled on a claim by claim basis. We are experts at getting through to the insurance companies to dispute improper denials and slow payments.

Integrated Scheduler

As an optional service Medetec offers a scheduler integrated with the billing system. This allows the practice to connect to our system to use the appointment scheduler. This offers an added benefit of allowing our staff to cross check the daily charges with the appointments for the day.

Monthly Reports

Each month Medetec provides you with a customized financial reports package allowing you to track your practice’s financial health. We meet with you and your selected staff monthly to personally review each report and answer your questions. Our billing reports are clear, concise and easy to read and can be customized to meet your specific needs for financial analysis, including comparison to national averages.

Staff Evaluation/Training

Do your billing issues overlap with front desk staffing issues?  Medetec’s senior staff is qualified to evaluate billing staff and propose a training plan that will enhance all aspects of your practice.  The proposed training plan can then be implemented by your management or our professionals.  Our experience can lend to collaboratively creating a cohesive relationship between the front desk staff, your patients, and our billing office.  The goal throughout is to make decisions that act in the best interest of the practice.  Our focus is to help foster patient satisfaction while maximizing the practice reimbursement.

Let us help you get your billing in order.

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