Staff Training & Support Services

Empower your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of medical billing and insurance processing effectively.

We assist your staff with

Admissions Training

Develop documentation for initial approval and gain knowledge of the insurance verification process, including authorization approvals, explanation of benefits (EOBs), and negotiations.

Clinicians Education

Understand best practices of coding and documentation processes, including accurate information on patient’s condition, treatment and progress while handling insurance queries and claim denials.

Software Training

Navigate back-end tools like billing software and EHRs used by the practice to streamline billing processes and reduce errors. 

Reports Training

Learn different types of reports such as claim status, payment reports, denial reports, aging, etc., plus how to use them effectively to optimize your revenue cycle management.

Providing ongoing support for your staff

Support Team

We’ll give you access to our  dedicated support team ready to help your staff with queries or obstacles they may encounter.

Continuous Support

Our proactive approach through regular check-ins, performance assessments and feedback sessions help your staff to continually grow and quickly adapt to industry changes.

Coding Alerts

We will send regular coding alerts to help you and your staff stay ahead of industry changes, reducing the risk of compliance issues.

Why Medetec?

We are a leading provider of medical billing and coding services with over two decades of experience.

Expertise that matters

Our seasoned professionals will guide your staff through the intricacies of medical billing processes, compliance, and industry best practices.

Customized Training

We will assess your current processes, your staff’s skills and systems to create customized training to meet your practice’s specific needs.

We believe in Partnerships

In addition to training and support. we will work closely with you to identify operational and process gaps to help optimize your practice.

What our customer say

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Provides comprehensive suite of medical billing, coding, denial claims management, A/R receivables, and more.

Provides fully customized consulting services to medical providers that include medical billing, coding, credentialing, and practice management analytical services that help sustain their profitability.

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