Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services

Don’t let insurance credentialing and payor enrollment complexities hold you back. Let us be your partner in navigating this critical process.

Why outsource credentialing and enrollment services?

Healthcare providers require a dedicated medical credentialing process that will ensure all necessary documentation is collected and processed by each insurance payor as well as each provider. This in turn enables healthcare providers to utilize the patient’s insurance to pay for medical services performed. Medetec manages the initial and ongoing provider credentialing as well as payor enrollment in the appropriate geographic region. Failure to maintain credentialing expertise and visibility, results in losing patients to other healthcare providers. 

A Trusted Credentialing Services Company

Expertise You Can Trust

We have mastered the complexities of credentialing and payor enrollment. Our experts know the ever-changing healthcare credentialing landscape and can provide customized guidance to suit your specific needs.

Customized solutions

Whether you are a hospital or small practice, we offer tailored solutions that meets the unique needs of your organization.

Speed and Accuracy

Streamlined workflows and technology expertise enable us to provide fast and accurate credentialing services


Credentialing, enrollments, and contracting are a resource-intensive, highly regulated and time-consuming process. Our experts are well-versed in industry standards, regulations and best practices, ensuring a high-level of efficiency and accuracy throughout the credentialing and enrollment process.

Our Enrollment and Credential Services Include

  • Provider Enrollment
  • Credential Verification
  • Insurance Paneling
  • Recredentialing Services
  • CAQH Registration and Maintenance
  • Contract Negotiations and Review
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Technology Integrations
  • Reporting & Analytics

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