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Our comprehensive services are designed to maximize your profit while minimizing your costs. We handle all the hassles of insurance and patient billing, allowing you and your staff more time to provide quality care for your patients.

We solve the most Complex, medical billing challenges.

With the advent of healthcare reform, we are in a new generation of medical billing. The environment is much more complex resulting in increased high deductible plans, increased insurance rejections, and slower claims adjudications.

Billing System Problems

We use a state-of-the-art billing system that was built from the ground up to support our markets. The system employs local insurance carrier knowledge to “scrub” claims prior to electronically submitting them. This ensures the claims are submitted to the insurance company correctly the first time.

Staffing Problems

Do you have difficulty hiring and managing billing staff? Do you feel you get the most from your coders? Medetec hires, trains, and keeps our staff on your account so you don’t have to. No more hiring and training new billing staff, managing vacation schedules, or covering for employees who call in sick.

Coding Errors

Our team of certified coders reviews the coding on every claim that comes in the door. We cross-check the notes against the coding to be sure the procedure codes and modifiers correctly reflect the procedures that were performed. This ensures you are appropriately reimbursed for the procedures you performed.

Patient Balance Problems

We make every effort to collect patient balances. Patient statements are generated weekly on a 30-day cycle to create a continuous flow of revenue. If payment is not received after sending patient statements, we send demand letters and follow up with phone calls. If an outstanding balance remains after these efforts, we will recommend the account be sent to collections upon your approval.

High Deductible Problems

Our team effort with your office assists in reducing the amount of time you wait for your deductible reimbursement. Whether it is large or small services, we can offer a comprehensive package that verifies deductible balances, HSA/HRA reimbursements, down payments, and monthly payment plans.

Denied Claims & Follow-up Problems

We are experts at appealing and collecting denied claims. We know each insurance company’s appeal process and know how to craft effective appeal letters to get your claims paid. Unpaid claims are assessed, prioritized and then pursued on a claim-by-claim basis.

We deliver customized medical billing services

Our medical coding audit services ensure you stay compliant and are appropriately reimbursed.

Our stress-free claim submission process designed to improve accuracy and reduce rejections.

We streamline your charge entry process to reduce claims denial and low payments.

Our efficient team handles different types of remittances with accuracy and speed.

We know each insurance company’s appeal process and know how to effectively appeal denials to get your claims paid.

We are experts at getting through to the insurance companies to dispute improper denials and slow payments.

Outcomes we deliver

350,000 +

Claims Processed


Increase in Practice Collection


Clean Claims on First Submission


of A/R Less than 30 days


Net Collection Rate


or Less Initial Denial Rate

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Deliver valuable insights and training to help your staff better manage claims, post payments and. develop standard operating procedures.

Provide fully customized consulting services to medical providers that include medical billing, coding, credentialing, and practice management analytical that help profitability.

Get expert support to navigate the complex process involved in enrolment and credentialing, all at an affordable cost.

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