The Medetec Difference

How we maximize medical reimbursements

Watch your bottom line soar with Medetec’s billing assistance.

Our mission is to maximize your reimbursements and at the same time simplify your practice by focusing on the billing, so that you can focus on your patients’ healthcare. We are expert billers and our clients typically see a 10 – 30% increase to their bottom line.

By outsourcing your billing to Medetec you not only increase your revenue, but also relieve your practice of the daily hassles of managing the billing process. This allows you to redeploy office space, computers and staff to perform other functions.

We are NOT a data entry company.

Our team of certified coders review the coding and the notes on every claim that comes in the door. We cross check the notes against the coding to be sure the procedure codes and modifiers correctly reflect the procedures that were performed. This ensures that you are appropriately reimbursed for the procedures that you performed.

Here’s how we achieve our mission to maximize your reimbursements:

We are System-Agnostic

Medetec’s expert medical billing team can effortlessly integrate with any technology or EMR/EHR software to deliver customized medical billing and practice management solutions.

We pursue all Denied Claims.

We are experts at appealing and collecting denied claims. We know each insurance company’s appeal process and know how to craft effective appeal letters to get your claims paid.

We specialize in Insurance Credentialing

We expertly handle the credentialing process, securing your practice’s acceptance by insurance providers. In medical billing, this process is how healthcare providers gain recognition and inclusion in insurance networks, assuring customers receive trusted and verified care.

Accounts Receivable Follow-up.

We aggressively follow-up on all unpaid insurance claims. The unpaid claims are assessed, prioritized and then pursued on a claim by claim basis. We know how the insurance companies operate and are experts at getting through to them to follow-up and dispute improper denials and slow payments.

We make every effort to collect Patient Balances.

We generate and send patients statements weekly on a 30 day cycle to create a continuous flow of revenue. If payment is not received after sending patient statements we send demand letters and follow up with phone calls. We will setup and monitor payment plans with patients if necessary. If an outstanding balance remains after these efforts, we will recommend the account be sent to collections upon your approval.

We are in contact with you every step of the way.

Even though you are outsourcing your billing, you will not lose effective communications. Medetec’s billing solutions include making sure our staff effectively communicates with yours. As important changes occur with regard to insurance plans and coding, we review them to see if they apply to your practice. If so, you will receive Billing Alerts from senior management outlining how the change affects your practice. In addition, there is continuous communication regarding patient accounts so that you are comfortable with how Medetec handles your patients.

In short, our attention to detail and our relentless pursuit of your claims is how we maximize your reimbursements.

Don’t be fooled by a national company offering a remote one size fits all solution. If they don’t have the local market knowledge then they can’t match our reimbursement rates. We apply local knowledge of our insurance companies to maximize your reimbursements, and we’re a phone call away and can be on-site the same day!

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